Get online, order food in train and rejuvenate the experience when visiting Vizianagaram

Vizianagaram, a city located in Andhra Pradesh portraysan image of a city meticulously involved inpromoting rich cultural heritage along with a strong spiritual embodiment renowned greatly to the neighbourhood. The ancient temples, historical monuments and vibrant neighbouring places are the places that attract visitors from almost all over the country. The people of Vizianagaram are often joined by local or international tourists in celebrating the fervent festival known to the locals as ‘Sirimanu Utsav’. If you are visiting the city between Octoberand March of the calendar, count yourself lucky. Some of the eye-catch and pleasing sights in the cities are accessible to exploit at mind-blowing locations like GosthaniSarovarVihar, Kumli, Jami Vruksham and Bobbili. The local buses in the city is a layman’s transport while taxi services could be accessed 24 hours by the tourists who believe in rapid and convenient mode of commute.


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Vizianagaram is connected to every significant city of the near and distant states by all there modes of transport. The nearest airbase if situated just 64kms from Vizianagaram, making it approachable for extremely farther Indian states. The availability of interstate buses makesthe city easily accessible from major cosmopolitan cities. The Vizianagaram Railway station is connected brilliantly to the metropolitans in the neighbourhood. The railway network here is well associatedwith several railway facilities.


When talking about Southern India, the first thing that crosses our mind is their mind-boggling cuisine that comprise of mouth-water dishes like VadaSambhar, IdliSambhar, Dosa, Uttapam and many more. The most visited restaurants of the city include Hotel Biryani and Hotel Blue Earth which are deliberately famous for their awe-inspiring dishes, impressive service and inexpensive thali rates. The typical south Indian food offered at the hotel possesses the very spirit of spices and condiments that are natively used.

Food delivery in trains

We strive hard 24/7 to serve our customers with excellently consistent quality and make their meal experience a memorable happening. In today’s world many people online, order food in train from the best service provider with reasonable rate and flawless service.


Traveler Food- Your culinary paradise on wheels

There is no dearth of the low cost flights flying across at least 80 cities of the country, still they cannot beat the footfall of the travelers who travels across the various parts of the country via Indian Railways.

How would it be if fresh and hot food is served right at your seat while you are travelling on a train? The food in train has always been one of the major issues in front of the individuals who love to travel on wheels. The problems they face include, the food being unhygenic, very limited number of food items served and the quality of the food that is served is usually substandard. Traveler food has been working in the direction of providing healthy food in train for the past few years. We have successfully provided the food of customer’s choice over 400 stations situated across the country.


Our food menu is not just limited to dal and rotis, but we provide an exclusive range of sumptuous food items for our guests, which include, briyanis, North Indian and South Indian food. At each and every location, we have tied up with restaurants who are the reputed ones. The vendors which are associated with us are renowned in their respective locations for providing tempting dishes belonging to different cultures of the country. We bring to you the food parcels from vendors who have their forte in Mughlai, Chinese, Italian, North Indian and South Indian.


 We are known for providing briyani to guests over almost 400 stations present across the length and breadth of the country. The name briyani is enough to make us salivating as we crave for this dish. Rice with the right amount of spices and chunks of chicken is what we call as briyani. We serve it all, from the Hyderabadi briyani to Lucknowi briyani to Sindhi briyani. The classic mutton briyani is a rich mix of chunks of mutton and strong spices. This is one of the most lovable dishes of the carnivore population. We also serve the vegetarian briyani where the meat is replaced with healthy vegetables and the result is simply delicious. Nothing can ever beat the signature taste of the Hyderabadi briyani which is a fine blend of Andhra and Mughal style of kitchen. The perfect amalgamation of rice, mutton and spices makes something utterly lip smacking.


Thus, when we are here, you are surely not required to get worried about your meals while travelling by train from any part of the country to any part of the country. There is no requirement to compromise on your food habits just because of the fact that you are out of the comfort of your home. We bring for you home away from home.


You can get your food delivery in train by booking your meals by using our mobile app or by making use of our website or by simply calling us on our helpline number. All your queries related to your order, menu and payment get resolved. If you are travelling with a huge group, you can certainly make an online food order in train and mention your destination for delivery. Make sure to check the halts as well as the timings of the train you are travelling in and then choosing your destination for the delivery of the food.


The food items for the entire group in accordance with their food preference will be delivered at the railway station mentioned by you while placing the order for food. The rates for each and every dish is mentioned on the website in a crystal clear fashion, so as to avoid any sorts of confusion in the minds of the guests while booking their food order. All you require is to visit the menu sheet and then select the food items which excites you and also falls in your pre-decided budget.


We provide a high quality food which is well packed in foil wrap so as to make sure that the food stays hot by the time it reaches its recipient. Each and every food serving of ours is fresh and we maintain great levels of hygiene while making the food preparations. We make sure that the guests get value for the money spend by them in placing food orders with us.


We make sure that you get the worth you spend. When there is the presence of such an amazing food delivery facility right on your berth, don’t forfeit your health by eating what you don’t like.